Thursday, April 23, 2009

Half Way to 50?

Holy cats! I'm 25!Yesterday was my birthday... It was a great day! When I woke up Brian had set a card with a case of my favorite drink (Orange Cream soda) that you can buy no where in Brigham and a gift card to Red Lobster! Thanks honey! For my main gift, I asked for a changing table/dresser for Daxtons room...

I had to work all day so that kind of stunk but no biggie, I am 25 afterall right?

My mom brought me some beautiful flowers from her garden for my desk, What an awesome mom huh! Thanks mom! Since I had to work on my birthday, the day before, we (my mom and I)decided to go flower shopping! I LOVE flower shopping.. more than clothes shopping! We got some way cute flowers for our yards. Thats a gift that keeps giving all summer!

After work my parents took Brian and I out to my favorite chineese restaurant Golden Dynesty and then to Farr's Ice cream. Then we went to their house for strawberry shortcake.. YUMMY! It was a pretty laid back and relaxing day. I just love birthdays! They should come more than once a year! Thanks for all of the warm Birthday wishes! Now I gotta figure out where to spend my birthday money! Whoo hoo!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

And his Name will be.....

Daxton Brian Westover

The Nursrey is almost finished and I've hit 24 weeks! My dad cut out some wood for me to make these blocks yesterday... I love how it turned out! We had our 4-D ultrasound yesterday and everything looks great! He weighs 1 lb 6 oz. The stubborn little guy wouldn't show us his face here's a picture of his little legs! I can't believe how much they can do now through an ultrasound.