Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Halloween and God Bless America!

My Cute Halloween Center piece... I love it and it was a blast to make!

This is Polly's costume... What a Hottt Dog!

Ok, I realize these blogs are kind of out of order but I since I'm new to blogging I want to catch up on the last couple months. In tribute to the upcoming election and our trip last March to NYC we decided to dress AMERICAN! I Love Halloween! We had our annual Halloween party with our pals and had a great time as usual!

Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend Brian was gracious enough to put up Christmas Lights on our house. The past couple years we have had really cute red and green icicle lights... one downfall, we live in Brigham City and the wind blows a lot in the winter.... Icicle lights don't like the wind. As I was going through them to see which ones worked I had problems with like 1/2 the strands. Brian saw that I was a little flustered so he said I could buy new lights! What a good man! So I switched it up.. no more icicles! I went with the good old bulbs around the top of the house and green mini lights around the garage and door and window. It looks so dang cute! So cute that Brian lets me turn them on at night... Even though Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet! Yipee!!! I love Christmas and I love Christmas lights! Thanks Bri! Now I can set up my Santa Tree!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why I love my husband

I feel like Brian hasn't been himself lately with the stresses of life. So I got this idea from Kristen and I hope it's ok... Here goes nothin!
Why I love you…
1. I love you because you put up with me! Thanks!
2. I love you because you’ll try my new recipe’s and brag to all of your friends about my cooking.
3. I love you because you never fail to support me and all of my crazy ideas.. especially after I beg and bring them up over and over again
4. I love you because you know how much I love your goatee even though it probably bugs you more than it’s worth
5. I love you because you are such a hard worker and will never be lazy… ever
6. I love you because you find joy in the small things of life that most people never even notice
7. I love you because you make me laugh… a lot.
8. I love you because so many people look up to you including me
9. I love you because you’re a great friend to all of your buddies no matter how not so good of a friend they are sometimes
10. I love you because you never settle for last place in any aspect of your life
11. I love you because even though you have had so many trials and hard times in your life your not afraid to face the future
12. I love you because when you play with little kids you become a little kid yourself and aren’t afraid who’s watching
13. I love you because what would a Vacation be like without someone to keep my spending under control J
14. I love you because when you get down in the dumps you’re not down for long
15. I love you because you hold true to your priesthood
16. I love you because when you’re in your little blue truck you would think you were in a BMW by the smile on your face
17. I love you because you’re not afraid to tell me that you love me
18. I love you because you’re a great brother and friend to your siblings
19. I love you because you let me be around my family (usually without a fight)
20. I love you because when I’m sad you won’t leave me alone ‘til I smile
21. Even though I could go on forever, Most of I love you because you’re my best friend and I know I can count on you for anything and you’ll always be there when I need you! I LOVE YOU BRIAN WESTOVER!