Sunday, November 14, 2010

A much needed break!

We headed to California last week for a nice little vacation. We had a great time! We went on the price is right, it was quite an experience. Watch for us on December 21st!

We went to Santa Monica Pier and Dax got a Balloon Sword

The ATLANTIS RIDE at Seaworld. Brian and Brad went on it 7 times because there was NO line!

Daxton LOVED the Animals!

Especially the Flamingos

We love you Mickey Mouse!

Here Are a Few Pictures From One Of My Favorite Places Ever!

Splash Mountain... We went on it MANY times... Its my favorite!

Happy Halloween!

A little Batty!

Daxton was a little sick for Halloween this year so we didn't get to enjoy the festivities to the fullest but it was still a great time! I was fortunately able to dress Dax up a couple days before so we could snap a few cute shots...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look whos walking!

At about 12 and a half months, Daxton is finally walking on his own! He is so fun to watch, and seems to be a much happier little boy! He loves to push his little cart around and climb on EVERYTHING! What a great stage in his little life.

Happy Birthday Daxton!

Daxton is 1 year old!
We decided to have a celebration... (you only turn one once right?)
What better way to celebrate than a construction party!
The weather was wonderful. We had a barbecue with lots of yummy food and fun company. It was an absolute success!

The birthday boy himself...

The cake

Daxtons year in pictures.. and a sign in card for his scrapbook

Lots of fun family attended

His gift from us, We restored my childhood swing set.

Playing with Giana

My little brother Blake and his girlfriend Dayton dressed up for the occasion

We also had a friends party for the 3 babies born within 8 days last year!
Lola, Daxton and Jane

New Family Members

In June and July I had the pleasure of meeting my new nephew Bently (my little brother Blakes) and my new niece Kendyl (my little Brother Rhetts) Its so fun to have some new babies to cuddle and love!


First Hair Cut!

Our good friend Lindsay did an awesome job and we only had to bride Dax with 5 suckers!
(he kept dropping them on the hairy floor... yuck!)

Pre- hair cut

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh what a summer!

We have had such a FUN and BUSY summer so far! We have definately made some fun memories with Daxton. Sorry for the picture overload!

We've been to a couple different pools and Dax LOVES the water! Even when he was a brand new baby he loved the water and I dont remember a time that he has cried in the water

We have been spending a lot of time in our back yard! We got a Vinyl railing around our deck and got some more sod (almost all of our yard is grass now! YIPEE NO MORE WEEDS!)

We've managed to fit church in (most weeks) ;)

Dax's cousin Gia has come over to play

We have been camping a couple times with good friends! Daxton loves his little friend Lola, What a cutie!

Dax Loves to hang out in his diaper around the house

We had some visiters from AFAR! My friend (pretty much sister ) Jen and Dre came to visit from Washington

Daxton has learned to "help" me with Laundry.....

And Dishes

Did I mention he CLIMBS ON EVERYTHING now?

At the beginning of June Brian and I got to hike up to Ensign peak to introduce the theme for my moms girls camp. It was a really fun experience but next time I hike, I gotta remember to not eat a full Cafe Rio meal right before :)

So, As you can see, We have had a great summer so far! We have definately enjoyed being new parents and experiencing summer firsts with our little guy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Christmas to Easter... OOPS!

Daxton is 8 months old! He's so big and on the move! He laughs at almost anything and sleeps through the night for the most part. I LOVE staying home with him! I feel like the luckiest gal in the world! Here's a little of what we've been up to since Christmas (oops :)

This year for Easter we went to the Dunes....

And to my Grandma Robinsons for an Easter egg hunt and to fly kites. It was really nice to spend time with friends and family.

Last month Daxton had surgery to get tubes put in his ears. We had them done at the New Tremonton hospital we were VERY impressed. A couple of weeks before that we had a little scare with this little guy. He started breathing VERY shallow and fast one night so we took him to the emergency room. He ended up having a form of RSV and pnemonia. Luckily we caught it early so he didn't have to stay at the hospital. He was one miserable kid though, Brian stayed home from work to help me with him. What a great husband!

Thanks for the "big boy underoos" Jenny! We just had to try them on!