Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Keeping ourselves busy

Dax has been so stinkin cute lately! He says the cutest things and loves to be with his mama, which I can't complain about.

We have had a great crop of dinner plate Dahlias this year. This is our biggest one so far, it's 11 inches across!
One morning while I was cleaning, this little guy decided to make a train with all of his stuffed animals and chairs. He was so proud! After the train, we had to put a diaper on all of his animals and toys, even his tiny tractors. Then he wanted to put them all to bed! He's going to be a great help with his new little sister!

Some of the cutest things he has done lately are~
He says THANK YOU MOM for everything! Helping him onto a chair, getting him a treat, buckling his carseat etc..

If anyone coughs or sneezes he comes up and says ok? Over and over again until you say I'm ok Dax!
When he gets hurt he comes up to me and says OK Dax? Thats our cue to say are you ok? He quickly follows with OK
This also applies to all his toys if they take a tumble. We quickly hear OK tractor? Ok Truck?

He LOVES to pray and reminds us to pray often. He repeats the last word or two of every sentence and as we're wrapping up our prayers he YELLS "MAYMEN" this gets especially comical at church 4 times during Sacrament meeting!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just a few pictures from this years Peach Days Celebration

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well, here I am at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning, AWAKE! Because of my random sleeper toddler you may ask?


Because of a stupid arm ache.... What is a pregnant mother to do when she can't take Ibuprophen! I think I may have pinched a nerve in my neck or shoulder and it's pretty dang annoying not being able to sleep when said toddler IS sleeping through the night...

SO I decided I might as well document my pregnancy thus far.

26 weeks

Weight: 2lbs 1oz (5 days ahead of schedule)
Gender: A GIRL!
Very active and healthy! We had a little scare at 22 weeks when I went for my targeted ultrasound. When the tech was examining the heart, she couldn't find the pulmonic heart valve. She reassured me that everything was probably fine and that she wanted me to come back for a follow up at 26 weeks... So I did and after 45 minutes of examining my baby, she found every chamber, valve and vessel that she exists in a healthy heart just to reassure this nervous mama! All is well!
Possible Names: Lily, Jersey, Faith (may favorite this week) Bella, Ellie. Just to name a few. Girls names are tough!

Weight gain/loss: Still down 2 lbs but that is changing quickly because I'm getting my appetite back... And a HUGE appetite at that! I'm trying to control myself though. I did however have to break out my maternity pants and boy are they comfortable!

Cravings: PEACHES! I swear I have eaten a whole bushel all by myself! I'm sure lucky to live where the BEST peaches are grown!

What I miss: Not walking like a turkey

Complaints: I have many complaints, but not because of this baby.

I cant sleep very long without getting a stuffy nose, plugged ears achey arms... What is a girl to do? My yard has suffered big time this fall and poor little Dax has to play inside most of the time so I can stay sane. My sweet husband has to hear about every little change in my symptoms and yesterday he said, "I can't wait until you get your allergy shots so you wont be so miserable (AKA He wont have to hear about it any more). I usually can keep them under control but I'm nervous to drug myself up with this little babe inside of me!

She moves like crazy and I love it! I miss my energy some days but others, I feel like I can do everything on my list... And then crash. I am enjoying my pregnancy at this point and I'm thankful for the opportunity to carry this little girl.

PS We bought a minivan, I am one of THOSE moms... And I LOVE IT!