Monday, July 20, 2009

Robinson Reunion

This past weekend we made he trek to YOST, Utah AKA middle of no where (but very beautiful) to my dads family reunion. It was really awesome to see family members that I rarely see and to catch up on the lives of those I love. Being in my current state of pregnancy we were only willing to go for the afternoon/evening on Saturday. Here are a few pics of the day...

Brian has always said he wants a horse.... I think we'll stick to motorcycles (you only have to "feed" them when you want to use them) My uncle Ben was gracious enough to bring a couple to share with all.

One huge highlight of my reunions that I have LOVED since I can remember is hearing my uncle Ed sing ar0und the camp fire. Now my cousin Chad is just as talented as his dad and they are so dang amazing and fun to listen to. I always make Brian stay till late so I can hear these two Jam out... Here are a couple of my favorite songs.. Well it would be a couple but the first one is takin FOREVER to download so heres one for now.

This is my Grandma Robinson and her sweet husband Ted. He is such an awesome addition to our family and I we love him! They are so cute together!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I first have to say that Independence Day is my FAVORITE holiday of the year... Mostly because I get a day off (along with Brian) in the middle of the summer! It's so fun to have the tasty food, good company and relaxation... This year our good pals Chase and Lindsay Smith invited us up to Bear Lake Camping. We had an awesome time in the cool mountains... Eating Raspberry shakes. Brian and Chase cooked all of our meals, so we didn't have to lift a finger! It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures from our little get away

Chase, Lins and Their cute dog Russia

Brian Excited about cooking a hot dog?

Of course we had to eat at Cafe' Sabor in Bear Lake... Do I look like I'm 36 weeks prego? YES!!
I just gotta say I'm pretty dang lucky to live in this amazing country! God Bless America!