Thursday, July 9, 2009


I first have to say that Independence Day is my FAVORITE holiday of the year... Mostly because I get a day off (along with Brian) in the middle of the summer! It's so fun to have the tasty food, good company and relaxation... This year our good pals Chase and Lindsay Smith invited us up to Bear Lake Camping. We had an awesome time in the cool mountains... Eating Raspberry shakes. Brian and Chase cooked all of our meals, so we didn't have to lift a finger! It was AWESOME! Here are some pictures from our little get away

Chase, Lins and Their cute dog Russia

Brian Excited about cooking a hot dog?

Of course we had to eat at Cafe' Sabor in Bear Lake... Do I look like I'm 36 weeks prego? YES!!
I just gotta say I'm pretty dang lucky to live in this amazing country! God Bless America!


D, J, and Dre said...

Well, I can't see much of you in the picture, but your boobs do look like you could be 36 weeks preggo; but your face just has a beautiful glow!!
Love ya!

steveandjodiwinn said...

Hey Becky you will have to let me know when the little one comes. I am excited for you. We will have to come see you sometime when we are up that way.