Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Brian and I have the cutest little Valentines EVER! 
 I had no problem getting this little sweetie to smile for pictures! She is such a cutie!

 This cute little guy delivered little Ninja Turtle Valentines to 10 of his friends. He was brave enough to go the door all by himself! It was so fun to see each friends reaction of getting a treat from Dax. He also had to pick out his clothes to wear for the day. He's getting so grown up!

Faith is 1!

Faith is ONE! I can't believe how fast time has flown! We Celebrated her big day with a party with almost all of our family. The theme was "pink" and we set up tables in our unfinished basement. We had pulled pork sandwiches and birthday cake.
I made a cake to share with everyone 
And one for the Birthday Girl of course 
 She dug in with no hesitation and loved every bite...

She loves her uncles Brad and Blake

 I'm waiting until it's warm enough outside to take her Official 1 year pictures so here are a few from around her year mark. 

This girl LOVES to make messes... I think it's pretty dang cute... Until I have to clean it up!
Watching Brad wrestle at the Richardson Memorial tournament with Grandma Val. 
 I love to play with her hair! She's not a huge fan of me doing it though. She does love to have me scratch her scalp and run my fingers through her hair, Just like her momma! 

Her 1 year stats are 
Height- 31 inches 90th percentile
Weight 21 lbs 43rd percentile
Head size- 50th percentile
She has had no will to walk yet. She has the funniest little crawl using one knee and one foot. Boy she is fast! When you tell her no, she looks at you and smiles and quickly does whatever it is. 
So many people compliment her on her hair. It's getting so long!
She LOVES Daxton and follows him everywhere. 
Her favorite naughty things to do are play in the potty and shake the baby gate at the top of the stairs (giving us a heart attack) When one bathroom door is closed she'll move to the other bathroom, then to the stairs. 
She NEVER holds still. She can get out of any restraint in a matter of seconds, whether it be the shopping cart strap or her booster seat at dinner. We have to hold her while we are eating. 
She LOVES bedtime. She practically begs for her naps and to  be in bed by 8pm. It has been nice to have her on a schedule and to get Dax on a similar one to give us unwind time in the evenings. 
We love this little girl so much, she is so full of spunk and energy. I thank Heavenly Father every day for sending her to us. She keeps us and Dax on our toes. 
I feel so honored to be her mom! 
I love you Faith!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


In between Christmas and New Years we got together with Jane and Vance to go sledding. Dax ADORES his little friend Jane and they get along so well

 When the sled would stop they would roll off and continue rolling down the hill. They made Brian or Vance come to the bottom of the hill each time and pull them back up.

 It was so nice to have snow to be able to go sledding! Hopefully next year Faith and I can join in on the fun.

Christmas 2012

Christmas is so much fun with kids. This is the first year that Daxton grasped the concept of Santa. He asked the Jolly fella for a blue Tractor. Santa delivered! He also got a tool bench. Faith was so fun also she got a learning table. 
 Brian was also good enough to get all the seasons of Gilligans Island on DVD and I got my Favorite perfume in my stocking. 
 Faith has always been a daddys girl, and will snuggle right up to him. When we were enjoying the festivities at grandma and grandpas house, she decided to just chill with Daddy.
 Dax loved his tool bench and played with it all day
 Grandpa Robert stopped by in the afternoon to drop off gifts! It's always a pleasure to see him! 
 Dax LOVED opening gifts and would shout what each one was after it was opened. Then he often posed for a picture. I sure love this little guy! 
One night before Christmas, I was teaching Dax about the nativity. I would point to each of the people involved and ask who they were. When I got to a wise man, I said who is this? He shouted SANTA!!! I guess he did have a beard.