Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 Spring is my FAVORITE! We had lots of great things happen this year. 

I turned 30!
We spent my Birthday weekend in Salt Lake celebrating my best pal Brittany's wedding

I Became a REALTOR and got my first listing!

 This girl became a HUGE chatterbox! Is so fun to hear her form sentences. 

 We went to the Zoo for preschool 

Dax played Soccer for the first time and LOVED it. I was his coach.. I'm not sure how much I loved that :)

Faith went through a stage where she insisted on keeping her shoes on at night. She was pretty proud that she could put them on herself

We hosted our neighbors Open house in our back yard, so we put in sod on the South side of our house

Faith Developed her own fashion sense

So did Daxton

Brad Graduated from High School!

We Spent a day up in Lava Hot Springs and Chesterfield reservoir with Grandma and Grandpa

And Enjoyed LOTS of "Tractor Rides"

Easter 2014

We LOVE Easter! What a great time to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Savior, when everything becomes NEW again. Each year we have Stacy Richards take Easter pictures. It is NEVER Faiths favorite thing to do, so we ended up having our own little photo shoot after. Our Easter tradition is to go to the Pioneer Park Easter Egg hunt on Saturday and Spend Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Robinsons with all of our cousins.