Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sleepy Head

Lately, we have been having a hard time figuring out Daxtons sleep schedule. If we let him take a nap, we can’t get him to fall asleep until late afternoon which makes a VERY late night for him. Faith goes to sleep at 9:00pm so she wakes up pretty early so I have one kid going to bed late and one early which makes for the same schedule in the morning. If we don’t let Dax sleep, he is so cranky and hard to be around. He’s getting this little “attitude” (he LOVES the word NO!) so this amplifies his need for sleep. Most of the time, I try to keep him up so I can get sleep. Because of this, lately we have found him sleeping randomly in different places. 

One day last week, he didn’t want to come home so he decided to stay in the van. After about 10 minutes, this is how I found him.

Grandpa has been over at our house lately building our shed and playhouse. Dax insisted on sitting by him (he LOVES grandpa Don). Even after he fell asleep, he wouldn’t let go of his grandpa.

This is how he crashed last night, (excuse the nakedness, it’s hard to keep clothes on this kid lately) 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Peach Days!

Peach Days has once again come and gone. It’s getting fun again now that Daxton is old enough to figure out whats going on. It’s also getting more stressful having a kid that wants to ride EVERYTHING! This year he was playing at the Parsons sand box and decided that he was done and ran off without us seeing where he went. Luckily some great police officers found him and were following him when my friend found him and picked him up. He was only missing for about 3 minutes but it was the most scared we have ever felt in our lives! Dax LOVES the blow up toys. He went on the slide both days. The second day the guy in charge of taking tickets let him go down as many times as Dax wanted... Little did he know, Dax is FULL of energy and went down around 40 times before we pulled him  away! We have made the parades a new tradition and we go as a family (and friends). 

 During the Jr Parade, I showed Dax how to put his hand on his heart while the flag was going by. This is how he copied me.