Wednesday, August 17, 2011

halfway there!

20 weeks
Can you believe it?
I sure can't!
Here's a little update on my pregnancy...
(not that you REALLY care but it might be kind of fun for me to look back on one day)

Gender: Girl (hopefully)
"she" had her legs crossed on my last visit so we couldn't get a good look this time

Weight: 10oz

Expected Due Date: January 6th
Originally January 4th

Mom: Feeling pretty great for the most part. Lots of weird random cramping and random nausea. Smells really get to me when my nose isn't clogged

Weight gain/loss: -7 lbs (I contribute that to the "nausea")

Cravings: Change every day but today it was a peach smoothy which I could only finish half. Others have been a sip of mountain dew, pizza plus breadsticks, tomato sandwich, lime ricky, icecream, taco soup and corndogs. But usually only once or twice and then I'm ready to move on to something else!

What I miss: Being able to sleep through the night and walk normally.
(not too many complaints so far! It could be SOOO much worse!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


I can't believe my baby is 2! We had a little family celebration tonight. I can't believe how much loving support we have in our families to spoil this little guy! Here are a few pictures of the event.
Blowing out his candle

This little guy is IN LOVE with tractors these days so I felt it was fitting to have a "Tractor party" for him

The cake I made for him
(I'm obviously not a professional but maybe by the time he's 16 I'll be close! :)

He got so many fun gifts! He will certainly be entertained for weeks and maybe even months to come!

I had to through this cute picture of him playing with his uncle Brad before the party. It's so nice to have such great aunts and uncles to play with him! He loves them so much!

Some fun things that Dax does at this milestone are:
~He loves to say MIR (Come here)
So he'll randomly say
MIR Truck
MIR dada
MIR Tractor
MIR Balloon

~He is ALL BOY anything that has to do with sports, motorcycles, tractors, cars and trucks, he's all over

~He loves to help mommy no matter what we are doing. He loves to help with laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor etc

~ He loves to run. He'll run the length of our house over and over again

~He gets so excited when we have company, he starts marching and jumping around with a big smile on his face

We sure love this little guy. He IS our world and we're so thankful to have him in our lives!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our poor little guy!

First of all, I would like to say I'm thankful for my sons health! He has nothing life threatening and things could be so much worse... On that note though, I just wish I could figure out how to make him feel better all of the time. When I was pregnant I made sure to do everything I could to ensure a healthy baby, and thats what we got, a very healthy baby! At 4 months things seemed to start changing for him. He started getting countless ear infections, which turned into ear tubes (twice, once at 8 months and again at 16 months) croup (spelling), rotovirus, mouth sores, bronchitis (multiple times) strep throat, and now he battles something similar to asthma. It flares up really bad when we're around smoke, whether it's someone smoking or a campfire. The doctors never have told me what he has, just that he needs breathing treatments frequently. I feel like this kid has been introduced to more medicine than any 2 year old should. He sure is a trooper though, he takes his meds like a champ and doesn't mind his nebulizer treatments (most of the time). I'm tired of him having to deal with all that is thrown at him. I know one day things will be better and all I can do is go day to day. I often read blogs of people with children that are either very sick, injured, or not with us anymore and I can't help but count my blessing so once again, I have to say...
I'm thankful for all I have and that I have a little boy to take care of!
Well, I'm off to bed! Have a great day! We are BLESSED!
Our little trooper, getting a breathing treatment.. Isn't he so cute!