Sunday, August 7, 2011


I can't believe my baby is 2! We had a little family celebration tonight. I can't believe how much loving support we have in our families to spoil this little guy! Here are a few pictures of the event.
Blowing out his candle

This little guy is IN LOVE with tractors these days so I felt it was fitting to have a "Tractor party" for him

The cake I made for him
(I'm obviously not a professional but maybe by the time he's 16 I'll be close! :)

He got so many fun gifts! He will certainly be entertained for weeks and maybe even months to come!

I had to through this cute picture of him playing with his uncle Brad before the party. It's so nice to have such great aunts and uncles to play with him! He loves them so much!

Some fun things that Dax does at this milestone are:
~He loves to say MIR (Come here)
So he'll randomly say
MIR Truck
MIR dada
MIR Tractor
MIR Balloon

~He is ALL BOY anything that has to do with sports, motorcycles, tractors, cars and trucks, he's all over

~He loves to help mommy no matter what we are doing. He loves to help with laundry, dishes, sweeping the floor etc

~ He loves to run. He'll run the length of our house over and over again

~He gets so excited when we have company, he starts marching and jumping around with a big smile on his face

We sure love this little guy. He IS our world and we're so thankful to have him in our lives!


*karen* said...

What are you talking about..."not a pefessional cake maker"! Whatever, that cake was awesome! I want to make cute cakes for my, one day, babies too! Maybe you can help me! ;)ha! I can't believe it, has it really been two years since you've had that sweet little boy. I know you put alot of love and thought into Dax's party, which paid off, it looked like everything turned out perfect :)

Vance Abby Jane said...

I have to add also that if I made a cake and decorated my house like that for a party I would 1st: think I was the most creative person in the whole world and 2nd: I would be bragging about it to everyone... so just know that I envy you and your skills. Dax is so cute, I can't wait to see what your 2nd will be like.