Friday, January 8, 2016

Halloween 2014

Lake Powell, October 2014

We had the amazing OPPORTUNITY to spend a week in Lake Powell with some incredible (New, and some old) Friends

Rainbow Bridge

We had a Sweet Slide coming off the top of our house boat

It was awesome to have Dallan and Heather there!

Sweet Shades dude

Brandon and Annie's amazing house boat!

Daily "Can Jam" tournament

Kevin and Paige were Surfing acrobats.

Brian and I slept on the top floor of the boat, we woke up to this view every morning, it was like HEAVEN!

Kevin and Dallan fished off the back deck each night

Of course it's not a "vacation" with kids, so we sent them to grandma and grandpas house. They had a great time!

Fall 2014

Daxtons Last-First Day of Preschool

Ogden Temple Open House with Grandma Val and Papa Don


Peach Days!

We went to take family pictures up by Mantua Reservoir, and our van broke down on the way up the canyon, so we just went into the trees at the side of the road and improvised! 

Random Fall rainstorm on the way home from church

We like to give Grandma Great flowers for her birthday each fall.

Daxton and Faith really DO love each other, sometimes...

Uncle Brads Birthday!

Heritage West Center

Daxton and Bently are BEST friends! When they see each other, they meet with a huge hug. 

Dax let Faith move into her room, they love sharing a bunk bed!

Preschool Halloween Party

Faith is Random!

Dax got to be the "puller" at the Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot this year. He was so excited!

Thanksgiving at Grandma Pam and Grandpa Johns new home.