Sunday, July 4, 2010

Oh what a summer!

We have had such a FUN and BUSY summer so far! We have definately made some fun memories with Daxton. Sorry for the picture overload!

We've been to a couple different pools and Dax LOVES the water! Even when he was a brand new baby he loved the water and I dont remember a time that he has cried in the water

We have been spending a lot of time in our back yard! We got a Vinyl railing around our deck and got some more sod (almost all of our yard is grass now! YIPEE NO MORE WEEDS!)

We've managed to fit church in (most weeks) ;)

Dax's cousin Gia has come over to play

We have been camping a couple times with good friends! Daxton loves his little friend Lola, What a cutie!

Dax Loves to hang out in his diaper around the house

We had some visiters from AFAR! My friend (pretty much sister ) Jen and Dre came to visit from Washington

Daxton has learned to "help" me with Laundry.....

And Dishes

Did I mention he CLIMBS ON EVERYTHING now?

At the beginning of June Brian and I got to hike up to Ensign peak to introduce the theme for my moms girls camp. It was a really fun experience but next time I hike, I gotta remember to not eat a full Cafe Rio meal right before :)

So, As you can see, We have had a great summer so far! We have definately enjoyed being new parents and experiencing summer firsts with our little guy.