Saturday, September 4, 2010

Look whos walking!

At about 12 and a half months, Daxton is finally walking on his own! He is so fun to watch, and seems to be a much happier little boy! He loves to push his little cart around and climb on EVERYTHING! What a great stage in his little life.

Happy Birthday Daxton!

Daxton is 1 year old!
We decided to have a celebration... (you only turn one once right?)
What better way to celebrate than a construction party!
The weather was wonderful. We had a barbecue with lots of yummy food and fun company. It was an absolute success!

The birthday boy himself...

The cake

Daxtons year in pictures.. and a sign in card for his scrapbook

Lots of fun family attended

His gift from us, We restored my childhood swing set.

Playing with Giana

My little brother Blake and his girlfriend Dayton dressed up for the occasion

We also had a friends party for the 3 babies born within 8 days last year!
Lola, Daxton and Jane

New Family Members

In June and July I had the pleasure of meeting my new nephew Bently (my little brother Blakes) and my new niece Kendyl (my little Brother Rhetts) Its so fun to have some new babies to cuddle and love!


First Hair Cut!

Our good friend Lindsay did an awesome job and we only had to bride Dax with 5 suckers!
(he kept dropping them on the hairy floor... yuck!)

Pre- hair cut

Happy 4th of July!