Thursday, June 25, 2009


Go to
Click on top left hand corner "Shop Now"Type in onefree (all one word) for the promotional code on the pop-up. This will give you $32.00 credit so all you have to pay is shipping. (You can select a cheaper shipping.)I think there is only pink or blue ones left so hurry.I LOVE FREE!

Thanks ASH! I hope I get mine soon!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Not soon enough!

Just a quick entry to say that I'm so excited for Daxton to be here! It seems like each day I have a new "side effect" of pregnancy, but it could be way worse for sure... I think my husband thinks I'm making these things up sometimes but that's OK.. He still seems sympathetic. We had our 32 week check up on Tuesday and our son has a HUGE head apparently! Ok not that huge of head like nothing above the 100th percentile or anything :) it is just measuring a little ahead of the rest of his body! I guess it runs in the family! I can't believe we're at 32 weeks. Time has certainly flown right by... The Nursrey is done and dang cute and the baby showers are just beginning! Thanks Lacey! I'll post again soon when I have something to really update on..