Monday, November 24, 2008


This weekend Brian was gracious enough to put up Christmas Lights on our house. The past couple years we have had really cute red and green icicle lights... one downfall, we live in Brigham City and the wind blows a lot in the winter.... Icicle lights don't like the wind. As I was going through them to see which ones worked I had problems with like 1/2 the strands. Brian saw that I was a little flustered so he said I could buy new lights! What a good man! So I switched it up.. no more icicles! I went with the good old bulbs around the top of the house and green mini lights around the garage and door and window. It looks so dang cute! So cute that Brian lets me turn them on at night... Even though Thanksgiving hasn't even come yet! Yipee!!! I love Christmas and I love Christmas lights! Thanks Bri! Now I can set up my Santa Tree!

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Apryl said...

Your house does look dang cute. I love being able to just look out my window and see all the lights. It gets my girls really excited. Yeah for Christmas!