Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tagged... Thanks Madi!

The Rules:
*Mention the rules on your blog.
*Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
*Tag 6 fellow bloggers

1- I have a box addiction? When I was in college I had to move like twice a year which requires boxes right? Well when youre in college moving, everyone else is moving at the exact same time and there is not one available box in the whole city of Logan for a whole week! So I always ended up spending precious money on plastic totes. So now when I see a box I just want to take it home and hoard it... I see a box as so "perfect" for moving even though I've been in my house for 2 years and have no plans on moving any time soon!
2- When I clean I have to do all or nothing so if I don't have the time or energy to do all of it, I won't start... That explains why my house is a mess so often!
3- When I cook I make a disaster... I can't keep everything on one counter. I have to spread out different parts of the recipe in different areas of my kitchen.
4- I can't kill bugs. They have feelings I swear. If there is a spider in my house, I get toilet paper and pick it up... Then I put it in the toilet and hope it survives when I flush it. Same with all insects... Bees- I'll catch in a cup and let go outside... And this quirk is just the same with animals! I'm so happy that Brian isn't a hunter!
5-When I wrap my Christmas gifts I have to have them all wrapped in different family catergories... and all of the catergories all have to match my "tree theme" Like this year I have a Santa tree so... Brians family gifts are wrapped in chubby santas with green back ground. My family is white background with santas and christmas trees. Brians gifts are green with skinny santas and friends are old santas with stars... I know.. I get WAY TOO INVOLVED in my wrapping, but hey it looks cute and goes along with the christmas tree decor!
6-I'll buy anything if I get a deal! No matter how bad I don't need it... At my work I get a great discount on the stuff we sell... I probably wouldn't normally spend $100.00 on a jacket for Brian but since it's normally $200.00 I have to buy it.... It's so bad that I have to regulate my checks sometimes...

There you have it.. My 6 quirks... I tag...... Lacey, Brooke, Heather, Karen, and Jenni


Matt and Jenni said...

I love the box fetish... haha! I can honestly say that I have never heard that one before!!

Crockett Adventures said...

Thanks for the tag girl! :) Lova ya... and your craziness!