Sunday, February 20, 2011

18 months

I Cant believe Dax is getting so stinking big! He's learning cute new things every day. We have been spending a lot of time this winter at the local duck pond. Its especially nice to go there because there is a fence between Dax and the ducks so he doesnt have to worry about the ducks "attacking" him while he holds a bag of bread.

Our awesome friends The Orgills joined us one afternoon for the festivities... Isn't Dax's friend Jane so darling?

One of the funny things Dax has been doing lately is posing for the camera with his squinty eyes...

Then trying to bite the camera!

Dax got this cute bike from his grandma Pam for his Birthday. He has had a ton of fun on it this winter while we're stuck inside!

Some of the cute things he's learned over the past few weeks are...

He loves balls and he says "set go!" when he throws them.

He will look in the Fridge and say "HUMMMM" (I wonder where he got that from :)

When he drinks out of a cup, he'll finish it off with a refreshing AAAAAHHHH

When he looses his ball he lifts his arms and says "lolo go?" (where'd it go?) and sometimes he hides it behind his back and says it.

He LOVES to climb and has NO FEAR! He especially loves slides and will go down with no assistance. (after saying "Set GO" of course!)

He brings me his shoes and says SHOOOOS when he's ready to get out of the house.

We're so happy to be parents and love our little guy more than life itself!

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