Friday, January 13, 2012


Our little Faith joined us January 5th. What a special little girl she is.
Here is the birth story
After a full 40 weeks of carrying her, I decided to get my labor started a day after her due date. When my midwife made the appointment with the hospital, I hit a full panic mode. Tears were shed, we would no longer be a family of 3. I had no idea how Daxton would do without me for 3-5 days and I was so worried that something would be wrong with her. The time I was supposed to be at McKay Dee was 9:00 am. That gave me one more night to tie up loose ends, mop my floor, dust my walls, spend time with Dax. Anything to get my mind off of what was going to happen. I had had my bags packed for days, expecting her any minute.
I was induced into labor about 10:30 am and I was dialated to a 3. I got my epidural at 12:45 and my midwife broke my water at 1:30. I totally expected a long labor after that. Daxton took 10 hours to get here at this point. I told my mom that she should come around 5 and it would still be awhile before Faith would be born. She said she would just be on call and play it by ear. By the time 3:45 rolled around, I was at a 10! Holy cats! I wasn't ready! We called my mom, she left instantly. My midwife arrived at 4:15. My mom arrived at 4:25. Faith was born at 4:28 pm. Perfect timing eh? She swallowed a little bit of meconium and the cord was around her neck but neither of these caused a problem, THANK GOODNESS! One push, pretty darn easy delivery. PERFECT baby.
Sorry to bore you with a nothing exciting birth story, but I would prefer it that way!

Faith Lillian Westover
7lbs 5oz
20 inches long

Our cute nurse Nicole. I love McKay Dee hospital, they have an AWESOME staff!
A very proud daddy


D, J, Dre and W.D. said...

She is beautiful! We are so grateful that you had a "boring" delivery! Love, love, love her hair! And her name! Congrats you guys!

Vance Abby Jane said...

That is SO MUCH HAIR!!! I didn't realize it was that much. And that was not a boring birth story at all. It's nice to hear because I am so scared my baby is going to come out deformed or in trouble or something. So it's nice to hear someone have the same thoughts. She is so incredibly beautiful. Congrats!

Chelsea said...

Congrats to your cute family!! She's darling! I'm so happy that everything went well.

Doran & Jody said...

Oh. For. SQUISH!!!
She is adorable!!