Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Handsome Big Boy Turns 3!

The best big brother ever just turned 3! I can’t believe how time flies! Every year, after his Birthday I say “next year we are just going to do something simple.” Well, those who know me, know that I love to party and a “simple” party just won’t due. I decided to have a Beach Party because of this amazing summer weather. We had all of our family and a few close friends join us in the celebration. We had a few pools set up and a slip n slide of course. 

Whats a party without food... Right? We had a weinie roast, complete with salads, watermelon, and LAVA FLOW drinks for the adults and HiC’s for the kiddos.

The Food table 

Watermelon Shark that my amazing friend Autumn made for me!

Some of the kids that came

“Waterballoon Pinata” 

 For every Birthday, I like to display a couple pictures of the Birthday Boy through the year, and I like everyone who came to wish him a Happy Birthday on a scrapbook page so we can remember who was there.  

 Each kid got their own little cake. If you can’t tell, it is a “mini sandy beach” with a towel and ball
 The cakes were a Strawberry Shortcake Trifle
 The Birthday Boy blowing out his 3 candles!
 He got spoiled with gifts
The front side of the invitation

On Daxtons actual birthday we went to the Hill Air Force Base with Grandpa and Grandma. Every time we pass it on the freeway, Dax would ask to stop and see the airplanes. He wanted me to take a picture of him in front of EVERY plane!

 It’s kind of a dark picture but he LOVED the propeller fan. He wouldn’t stop looking at it long enough for me to take a picture!
 This picture melts my heart, Dax has always been a grandpas’ boy and this picture shows it!

After the museum, Dax got to go pick out 3 airplanes (actually a jet, an airplane and a ROCKET. He will correct you if you call them all airplanes) to take home as birthday gifts. 

Daxton, we sure love you. You’re the sweetest little boy who never stops making us smile. We love you so stinking much and are so happy to have you in our family!

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*karen* said...

WOW! 3 years! The terrible 2's are over! Good thing he wasn't terrible....just VERY busy! You'll have to tell me how year 3 goes! :)