Thursday, February 7, 2013

Growing up!

A couple days before the previously posted snow storm, I decided to take our kids to the Temple for some pictures. Ever since the open house, Dax has been asking to go see the lions in the Temple. I’m pretty sure there is a picture in there with lions or wild animals of some sort! Since the Temple has been dedicated, we had to settle for just going to the Temple grounds. The kids loved the fountain. 

These two kiddos are growing so fast! They love each other so much and already know how to push each others buttons. If one is taking a nap, the other can’t wait till the sleeping one wakes up. Dax has a hard time sharing his toys and Faith pulls Daxtons hair whenever he is arms reach. Being these cute kids’ mom has brought me so much true JOY. It is also the hardest job I have ever had! But as I look at these pictures, I realize it’s the most rewarding job I’ll ever have. 

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Vance Abby Jane said...

Oh I love!!! So sweet!! Yhx for sharimg :)