Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dax is 4!

Daxton turned 4! He is so fun to be around. He loves to snuggle, watch movies, be in the water and be outside. He loves to “race” anyone, and loves winning even more (we’re working on this). He loves his sister, and loves to pick on her, but if someone else is mean to her, he’s got her back! He is getting so big and smart. He knows his letters and says the funniest things. For Example

Brian: Hey Dax, what letter did you learn at pre-school today
Dax: B!
Becky: No, You learned B a long time ago
Dax: What did I learn?
Becky: What makes the rrrrrrrrr sound

According to Dax, the shepherds looked up and saw Santa and The Wisemen brought Jesus a race car, a pony and Captain Hook... I think I need to do a little more explaining

Dax: Mom! Can I have some fruit snacks?
Me: What's the magic word?
Dax: Hocus Pokus!

While changing his pillowcase
“MOM! My pillow went flat!” 
Spring 2013

 My Friend Andrea made his Mater cake... She's pretty much amazing!

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