Monday, March 16, 2009

Cancun 2009 post #2

Sorry there are so many posts from the same trip! We did so much stuff!

One of our favorite days there was the swimming with dolphins day... Since I'm prego I couldn't do it but I had just as much fun watching Brian... He has ALWAYS wanted to swim with them!

Sorry, I cant figure out how to change the video to the right way... :)

At the Dolphin Place overlooking the Gulf.. What a cute pic huh?

My Cute parents at Tulum... It was way cool because the ruins were right on the beach!

The Beach at Tulum.. The Boys and Heather said the sand was so smooth! I sat up at the top in the shade.

A view of the city...

Shopping center outside of Tulum... Note to self, Coconut milk does not taste like a Pina Colada. ;)

There were huge Iguanas all over Mexico especially in Tulum!


Blake with his sweet (womens) glasses that he stepped on in the ocean..

On our way to the Cenote! What will we find?

Heather on our way to the Cenote.... (mexican natural swimming pool)

Heather and Dallan in the Cenote... The water was so dang clear and beautiful!


Doran & Jody said...

Oh my heck, HOW FUN!!!
I will have to come over and show you how to rotate your video.

Matt and Jenni said...

Swimming with dolphins....that is seriously on my bucket list, and now I want to do it even more!! You'll have to do it again once your little bambino is here. ;)