Monday, March 16, 2009

Chichen Itza and Puerto Morelos (post #3)

The town we stayed in was called Puerto Morelos, it is a federal reserve for snorkeling because there is a huge reef. We had to wear life jackets so that we couldn't swim down and touch it. The water was so clear we could see for 30+ feet! We saw a sting rays, eels, lobster, and tons of bright beautiful fish.

The second day we went to the Chichen Itza ruins, it was so amazing to see the history of these amazing people from so long ago.

This is the market place... those columns are in PERFECT rows! It was incredible!

I think this was some sort of church... That wall looking thing in the front is actually stairs! They are so steep!

The observatory... Makes ya wonder what they were observing?

Another market place where they did their trading... Those columns are not too sturdy... Brian could make them move.

Baptisimal font.. Maybe?

I guess we weren't supposed to climb on the buildings.... one of the parks workers got a little upset at us! oops!


Shultzybabe said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Too bad I wouldn't have fit in your suitcase.

*karen* said...

Hey...I have been to Chichen Itza too! Ryan calls it "Chicken-pizza" rhymes...kinda? He's a weirdo! Super cool! You know when you see something that you get excited about...and you just have to say " too!" I just had that moment! You are so funny, all your comments are made me laugh...I miss you! Ahh....brings back good ol' memories! :)

The Thatchers said...

OHHHH SO fun!! Makes me want to go back!! One of the guys in our group climbed the buildings and he had the Mexican Government after him...APX was about to send him home that night!! Crazy!! I am glad you guys had lots of fun!! And that you got to go do it before lil' Brian comes!! Cuz you know he is gonna be wild-n-crazy just like his POPS!! We all need to get together sometime!